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for their own shop operators, how to effectively control the economic costs of their stores this is critical, this is one of the factors that determine how much profit you make. How to open a restaurant to control the cost? How can we ensure that the flow of food and beverage shops relatively abundant? Here’s a look at the restaurant with friends to control the cost of the 15 methods, perhaps to open a restaurant you have a great help! The success of the restaurant is as follows:

15 methods of controlling the cost of

Chen pigeons food and beverage

cost savings mean an increase in profits. Then, the cost down to what extent better? How to reduce the cost and does not affect the food quality? The following eighteen Benshengli reduction method, absolutely useful:

one, buy less, buy frequently. Experienced chefs know the normal number of guests in their hotel. According to this point, to be aware of. How much raw material is purchased per day. When business is particularly good, it should be more than a few times to buy.

two, inventory of goods as far as possible to run into, so as to avoid long-term deterioration.

three, the purchasing department should keep abreast of market information and changes in the price of vegetables, notify the chef or chef.

four, some of the seasonal or other reasons for the impact of the price of raw materials, you can choose those who are more resistant to storage in advance at the low price of some procurement, but must be preserved.

five, all employees, including the boss and their relatives, family, food must be under the menu, do not see the kitchen food menu.

six, food discount is not the best way to do business, so you can not discount or discount too large.

seven, some old customers often asked the shop to send two free dishes. In this case, can send two low cost and have certain characteristics of meat dishes collocation.

eight, some raw materials are expensive, should always pay attention to adjust the price of vegetables.

nine, point menu should pay attention to "streamline". A chicken can do a few dishes, like a fish, there is no need to market the raw materials are listed.

ten, on the set menu, should pay attention to meat collocation. Individual dishes of the main and auxiliary materials should also pay attention to this problem. Sometimes more accessories but better taste.

eleven, especially expensive dishes can find some accessories bottom. Such as cabbage, lettuce or fried white silk, etc.. Can also be used for some small items such as