Teach you how to make the whole – Wei cold noodle

on the cold noodle snacks taste good? Weijiade cold noodle would recognize the second, no one dared to recognize first, of course, many consumers are of praise for the Wei family cold noodle, hustling to know how to do, the following Xiaobian introduce the cold noodle what to do.

Wei cold noodle join headquarters has a strong R & D departments in research efforts, the success of a rich product line, covering the cold noodle, snacks, drinks, rice and so on, for the different needs of consumers can find their favorite delicacy here, also increase the market competitiveness of the brand. Wei joined the most famous cold noodle shop is secret cold noodle, many friends want to know the secret of the cold noodle cold noodle Weis practices, small series after 99 to eighty-one finally found the formula for everyone, let’s take a look!

Wei cold noodle secret recipe:

cold noodle

1, the cold noodle too cold greasy gluten.

2, 2 cloves of garlic with pressed into mashed garlic, add a small bowl of cold boiling water, stand-by.

3, the secret recipe of pepper, star anise, geranium, add half a bowl of boiling water, turn off the fire cool.

4, cucumber shred, half chopped tomatoes, parsley cut.

5, step 4 of the raw materials and the gluten together into larger cold noodle bowl.

6, add the garlic juice in step 2.

7, add the secret sauce to cook in step 3.

8, a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of salt, 1 spoons of chicken, yellow mustard, 1 tablespoons.

9, a few drops of sesame oil.

10, a tablespoon of white sesame seeds into the fresh bag, with rolling pin crushed, poured into the cold noodle.

11, 2 tablespoons soy sauce, 0.5 tablespoon soy sauce, 3.5 tablespoon vinegar.

12, after mixing with chopsticks to open the disk.


above is for weijiade cold noodle secret summary of the practice of all cold noodle. Weijiade cold noodle is to develop a multi-year catering enterprises, in the long-term development process has formed a series of perfect customer service system, the development of a range of brand protection and franchisee shop business road, to provide guidance for the franchisee to comprehensive shop, even if there is no experience with lwtt can quickly get started to become entrepreneurs Master.

if you want to open a such cold noodle snack. "