How much is Govany ice painting franchise fee business

how about Govany’s ice painting? Very creative work. Small entrepreneurial choice to join the Govany ice crystal painting project, open their own ice crystal painting of a store of their own, is also a very good choice for the. Is also a very business choice, right?

Govany ice crystal painting to join the need for how much money? Ice crystal painting is a kind of creative jewelry, whether it is in the life of home improvement or gifts are very reliable. Let ice crystal portraits of mobile phones, washing machines, into the homes of millions of Govany ice crystal painting dozens of patented technology accumulation, teach you to make a good painting. "Master Govany" technology, the market everywhere, and gold.

Govany ice painting facilities can be completed on the glass, metal plates, tiles and other materials to customize the product processing, dozens of processes can be improved. On the plane, curved surface, different thickness, different sizes, different shapes of products can be, high production efficiency, yield is guaranteed.

Govany joined the ice painting experience is not important, systematic study of ice painting technology, so that ordinary glass easily hundreds of kinds of process effect, the production cost of about 15-40 yuan / square meters, the market price of up to hundreds or even thousands of yuan, considerable gains. Hand training marketing methods, the establishment of stable sales channels, to create a blue ocean market!

small venture to join the Govany ice crystal painting project, the investment cost is small, but large profit margins. If you join the Govany ice painting project, is also a very exciting. Act quickly! Come and join us to realize our wealth and life!