High level and promote the construction of the protection zone and then cast 16 billion of the sourc

The total investment of Sanjiang source of ecological protection and construction started recently in China

of the two phase of the project amounted to 160 million yuan, more than one phase of the project has more than doubled, to promote the protection zone construction work to a higher level, a higher level.

source area in Sanjiang, an average of 4000 meters above sea level, the total area of protected area of 395 thousand square kilometers, is the birthplace of the Yangtze River, the Yellow River and Lancang River, known as the Chinese water tower". At present, the first phase of the Sanjiang project construction tasks are basically completed, initially achieved the planning objectives and achieved remarkable results.

, deputy director of Qinghai provincial development and Reform Commission, Sanjiang Province source office Li Xiaonan introduction, the two phase of the project is extended, a project of expansion and upgrading, planning is divided into supporting the ecological protection and construction, supporting the two major categories of 24 projects, the estimated total investment of nearly 16 billion 60 million yuan, of which the central budget investment of 8 billion 83 million yuan of financial funds. 7 billion 974 million yuan.

Li Xiaonan said that the two phase of the project planning period from 2013 to 2020, a total of 8 years, the organization guarantee, system guarantee, policy support, personnel and education security, supervision and six aspects of security measures targeted aid. The goal is to 2020, the effective protection of vegetation, the forest coverage rate increased from 4.8% to 5.5%; the average vegetation coverage rate increased by 25 to 30 percentage points; the trend of land desertification effectively, desertified land treatment rate of 50%, land desertification control area vegetation cover rate of 30% to 50%.

addition, governance objectives include: to enhance the ability and the ability of water conservation and river runoff stability of soil and water conservation in Sanjiang source area; wetland ecosystem and wildlife habitat environment improved significantly; farmers production and living standards improved steadily, to further improve the mechanism for ecological compensation, ecological system into a virtuous cycle.

on 2014 construction mission, Li Xiaonan told reporters that the first phase of the project will consolidate the results of the full implementation of the two phase of the project planning, co-ordination to promote the protection and construction of grassland, forests, rivers and lakes, wetlands and desert ecosystems, make scientific assessment of Sanjiang source ecosystem value, as the source of Sanjiang National Comprehensive Experimental Zone of ecological protection construction is good step, a good beginning.