2013, half of Xining’s new employment into private enterprises

2013, Xining private economy to attract employment 15815 people, accounting for the total number of new jobs in the community by 50.23%. This means that half of the city’s new employment in the private economy.

substantial increase in private economic practitioners, the direct cause is the rapid increase of private economic organizations. In 2013, the city’s newly registered enterprises 3198 households, with Small and micro businesses as the main body of the private enterprises has reached 14807, an increase of 27.55%; the city’s private economy added value of 42 billion 370 million yuan, an increase of 23.14%, the proportion of GDP increased to 43.3%, an increase of 2.87 percentage points compared to 2012; completed private investment 53 billion 721 million yuan, growth 19.44%, the proportion of the total social fixed assets investment reached 58.05%; the private economy to pay taxes 8 billion 256 million yuan, an increase of 44.6%, accounting for 77.53% of the whole society to pay taxes. At the same time, the rapid development of private enterprises has become an important channel for employment, as of the end of 2013, private enterprises and individual industrial and commercial households up to 429 thousand and 700 employees.

reporter was also informed that in 2014, the expected goal of the city’s small and micro enterprises and private economic development is Small and micro businesses growth of more than 25% households, which added 200 industrial enterprises in the province; thousands of families of small and micro enterprises developing project of the 280 key enterprises (municipal adjustment increased to 500 households) main business revenue growth of 25%, the number of main business income of 3 million yuan more than 40% enterprises growth; increased the value of the private economy, private investment growth of 22% and 30% respectively. County Industrial Park (Venture Park) construction to be completed in accordance with the provisions of the progress; four districts were built more than one year of small and micro enterprise incubator base.