Xining City, Wei Wei to determine the city Jian Wei day theme of the 12 Activities

March 10th, the City Patriotic Sanitation, by holding seminars, visits to the public and other forms, in the wide range of opinions and suggestions, the City Patriotic Sanitation confirmed my "Jian Wei day" 12 theme activities.

in order to consolidate, develop and enhance the "Jian Wei" results, the city will be identified as the 29 month of the "Xining national health city day" (hereinafter referred to as "Jian Wei day"). "Wei Jian day" the theme of the determination of the "Jian Wei day" activities with macro guidance, to solicit offices (town), the community staff grassroots cadres and the general public opinions and suggestions based on the establishment of work, work and focus on the Festival City love health office in combination with the city the establishment of special rectification stage before, the anniversary of the theme of promotional activities, to determine the monthly "Jian Wei day" theme. Specific monthly Jian day activities theme is as follows:

January, the provincial linkage, remediation market, clean home circle". February, curb rebound, remediation environment, celebrate the Lantern festival". March, the whole nation to participate in the construction of Wei, standardize management grasp long-term". April, "Volunteer Service Day", the theme: "youth style, when Jian Wei pioneer". May, to correct uncivilized behavior day, the theme: small hand Qi Jianwei, build a shared tree fresh air". In June, the "party Wei Jian", the theme: "for the flag thespians, for Wei Jian luster". In July, the army and the day "theme:" military and civilian hands together, Wei Jian spectrum new". In August, the "pest control", the theme: "urban and rural clean, destroyed the four pests, healthy life". September, "Jian Wei Memorial Day", the theme: "beautify the environment to welcome the national day, to celebrate the first anniversary of Jian wei". October, "Health Education Day", the theme: "universal health knowledge, improve health awareness, enhance the level of health". November, infectious disease prevention and awareness day, the theme: prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, health protection". December, environmental sanitation day, the theme: everyone involved in the construction of Wei, clean welcome new year".