Holiday consumption can be complained of price

During the festival, the provincial development and Reform Commission Price supervision and inspection and monitoring departments will focus on monitoring of food prices related to people’s livelihood areas, pay close attention to the market price dynamics, on tourism and transport market price online and offline shopping environment to conduct a comprehensive price supervision and inspection, at the same time, the 12358 price reporting management information system is smooth, consumers have the price can call to report complaints.

it is reported that in order to maintain the normal order of market price, to create a good market environment, the provincial development and Reform Commission during the festival will pay close attention to people’s livelihood market price dynamics, the overall strengthening of the necessities of the wholesale and retail sectors of the supervision and inspection, focusing on the large grain and oil wholesale markets, supermarkets and farmers markets to carry out inspections, urging the operators to obey the law the good faith management, resolutely stop illegal behavior such as driving up prices. At the same time, focus on the development of tourism scenic spot ticket price special rectification, investigate and punish scenic operators not to implement the provisions of the price level or floating rate, without additional fees, through illegal set "Parks" in the form of tickets to raise ticket prices, not according to the provisions of the implementation of price tag and other illegal price behaviors. And to strengthen the railway, civil aviation, highways and taxis and other transportation prices, and urge the implementation of high-speed toll free policy implementation, effectively reducing the cost of holiday travel. Strengthen the online and offline retail enterprises and e-commerce platform price laws and regulations to promote and urge operators to improve the price promotion program, standardize price, discount, gifts and other promotional activities.