Xining to carry out the international comparison project (CP) government payroll survey

  , the thirty-ninth session of the United Nations Statistical Commission, set the year 2011 as the baseline year for the global survey of ICP activity, i.e., the number of years in which the survey was conducted by the
ICP, approved by the State Council, China will participate in the first comprehensive 2011
global international comparison project (ICP). According to the National Bureau of Statistics "issued by the international comparison project (ICP) Notice" the implementation of the post government wage investigation plan and the spirit of the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of Statistics "on the international comparison project in Xining city (ICP) Notice" government positions salary survey requirements, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Statistics in August 21st -9 month 10 days in the city carried out within the scope of the international comparison project (ICP) government positions salary survey. In accordance with the state provisions of the "program", the survey selected in accordance with the conditions of the province, municipal government, education, health care and other public management and public service sectors and full funding institutions, including government agencies, courts, customs, public security, fire protection, prisons, public schools, public hospitals, 38 kinds of government representatives the duty of personnel in the unit official (not including informal staff) in 2011 the average annual wage payment (2011 1-12 month cumulative number) survey. In August 23rd, the city Bureau of statistics in accordance with the "plan" requirements, the corresponding investigation unit selected, in August 28th for the arrangement of the relevant units of this work, and "the international comparison project (ICP) government post paid survey implementation index the content and meaning of the training program" and explain, in order to ensure the authenticity of survey data. In September 3, 2012 before the completion of audit, data entry and reporting work.