Xining 8 was a national scenic spots

according to the National Tourism Bureau website news, the National Tourism Bureau in May 26th announced the first batch of "national tourism scenic spot price trustworthy" list, 1801 scenic spots become the first batch of "trustworthy" scenic areas, 11 scenic Qinghai, becoming the first national price trustworthy scenic spots, and the 11 home area, Xining is 8 on the list.

according to the reporter, the Municipal Tourism Bureau to create the National Tourism Standardization Demonstration City as the goal, combined with the tourism industry in Qinghai province "leadership" action, Xining city environmental order hundred days remediation, and actively carry out the standardization of tourism market rectification work, standardize Xining tourism market order, improve the quality of tourism services, and establish a good image Xining tourism ".

National Tourism Bureau to join the tourist attractions, the first batch of the official release of the National Tourism Price trustworthy scenic spots, the province’s list are:

Kumbum Monastery scenic area *5A level

Huangzhong County, Kumbum Monastery is one of the famous six major monasteries of the Gelug Sect of Tibetan Buddhism in China, Qinghai province is the highest institution of the Buddhist institute.

Xining rural fun farming ecological garden *4A level scenic spot

Xining rural farming ecological garden is a model for the development of leisure agriculture and rural tourism.

Qinghai Tibetan cultural center *4A level scenic spot

is located in Huangzhong County lushaer Town, is the first domestic use of modern technology and multimedia technology, the full range of the Tibetan history museum.

Datong Mountain Scenic Area *4A level scenic spot

On the eastern side of the

bridge in the town of Datong County Su River is Xining Manglietia classic mountain near a mountain is the most magnificent, the most beautiful scenery of the mountains.

Xining Tibetan Plateau wildlife park *4A level scenic spots

Tibetan Plateau wildlife park to display the characteristics of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau with wild animals.

Huangyuan ancient city *4A level scenic spots

of the Tibetan Plateau and the Loess Plateau here with grassland farming culture and culture here intersect, Tangfangudao and the Silk Road through here, many people gather here.

Haibei Jinyintan – Atomic City Scenic *4A level scenic spots

grassland, grassland blue was intoxicating; white clouds, mountain grassland, Kexin; beautiful and picturesque, even the grasslands of the air is too sweet to anna.

the source of the lake scenic tourist scenic area *3A level