Spring Festival Golden Week 110 thousand people travel to Xining to achieve total tourism income of

February 25th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Tourism Bureau, this year, Xining city during the Spring Festival Golden Week tourists 110 thousand and 700 passengers, total tourism revenue of $66 million.

from February 9th to 15 during the Spring Festival Golden Week, Xining tourist reception volume grew by 7.48%, total tourism revenue grew by 14.62%. Among them, the reception of overnight tourists 28 thousand and 400 passengers, a day trip tourists 81 thousand and 900 passengers, tourists are still based in the province of tourists, foreign tourists less. In addition, people’s Park Ice fair, wild zoo row lightshows, Dan Gar city folk performing arts and other characteristics of cultural activities, greatly increasing the tourist attraction, during the golden week ticket revenue 1 million 27 thousand yuan. (author: Ma Rong)