The next two years, the city’s energy-saving target of 8.17%

In order to build a green city, in recent years, the city has made a series of efforts. To ensure the successful completion of the next two years, energy saving and emission reduction tasks, the city will be the next two years to determine the energy saving target of 8.17%, an average annual decline of more than 4.1%. It is understood, according to the actual completion of three years ago, I identified the next two years energy-saving target of 8.17%, average annual decline of more than 4.1%; by 2015, the city’s major pollutants COD, ammonia nitrogen, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxide emissions were controlled within 47 thousand and 500 tons, 4 thousand and 900 tons, 91 thousand and 400 tons, 70 thousand tons of goals. It is reported that, in order to achieve the above objectives and tasks, the city will accelerate the pace of industrial restructuring, increase the intensity of low-carbon emission reduction projects in key areas of energy saving carbon reduction, promote market-oriented energy-saving emission reduction mechanism. Focus on industrial, construction, transportation, public institutions in the field of energy conservation work to ensure the completion of energy-saving targets and tasks. Low carbon emission reduction on EIA constraints, desulfurization and denitrification, urban sewage treatment projects, renovation and elimination of coal-fired boilers, yellow cars and old vehicles, Huangshui River Basin water pollution control and air pollution prevention and control work, to ensure the completion of emission reduction and low carbon target.