Xining Railway Station is scheduled to put into operation on 25

Reporters from the relevant departments to get the message, the majority of people eagerly looking forward to the Xining Railway Station or will be put into operation in December 25th. The railway sector plans in December 25th will be the general speed of bus from Xining West Railway Station to Xining Railway Station, Xining West Railway Station to take into account the passenger will stop on the evening of December 24th, the city Department of transportation, has made specific arrangements for relevant work. The transformation of the Xining Railway Station and related engineering Lanzhou is second lane (Lanzhou high iron) supporting engineering into the city of Xining, including the Xining station and the Xining Railway Station yard engineering project, freight car, passenger car servicing and depot renovation project; use the motor car, Xining east section of the new machine engineering; Ning branch from XiaoQiao Railway Station to Xining north station line the electrification project, the project plans a total investment 8 billion 220 million yuan. December 25th, for the majority of the people of Xining, will be an extraordinary day. Deployed in accordance with the relevant departments, it will be put into operation because of the Xining Railway Station, Xining Railway Station surrounding three horizontal and two vertical ring road network will be fully opened; for the convenience of passengers, zero transfer target, the 15 bus lines, 71 passenger lines will be moved to the bus station, these arrangements and deployment is to ensure that the Xining Railway Station was officially put into operation, the surrounding flow, logistics, traffic link traffic. At present, the Xining Railway Station station renovation and comprehensive reform work has entered the final sprint stage, the completion of station building of Xining Railway Station and the station renovation; taxi and social vehicle parking lot is completed, the basic conditions to be used; underground space, station square, at the end of the first bus station is completed, on-site cleaning, equipment commissioning work, before December 24th have the conditions of use the founding of Luqiao; and the pedestrian bridge construction started in mid July this year, has now completed the main bridge engineering structure, is implementing the railings and other decorative plate work, basically completed by the end of. We see through the completion of the project or an item is to be completed, the Xining Railway Station, put into operation soon, a modern train station waiting for us to feel, to experience.