Xining residents spend 5 years traveling by an increase of 1.2 times

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people return to nature, broaden their horizons, cultivate the sentiment of the increasingly strong desire, the concept of tourism consumption is undergoing profound changes in

. According to the National Bureau of investigation team Xining sampling survey, last year the city residents per capita travel expenses amounted to 377.57 yuan, an increase of about 1.2 times more than in 2007, the tour group travel, per capita expenditure of 161.23 yuan, more than 117.44 yuan in 2007 increased by 37.3%.

for the people of the city, tourism has long been from luxury consumption has become a common thing. Where did you go on vacation?" With the concept of holiday leisure popular, after the holidays, relatives and friends colleagues will inevitably ask such questions, the topic of conversation is often associated with tourism. From a short tour around the city, to the domestic tourism and outbound tourism; from the tour sightseeing, self-service backpacking, to family vacation travel, car travel and other forms; from the places of historic interest and scenic beauty tour and holiday, to ecological picking tour; from the train or bus, to travel by plane, luxury tourist bus…… People’s enthusiasm for travel is getting higher and higher, and thus the cost of travel abroad is also rising rapidly, in order to enjoy the pleasure of the tour. (author: small words)