Statistics show that Xining residents tend to decline in consumption trends

according to the National Bureau of Statistics survey team in Xining survey, due to income levels and price increases and other factors, the first 9 months of this year, Xining residents tend to decline in consumer trends.

residents’ propensity to consume, that is, the proportion of consumer spending in disposable income, is an important indicator to reflect the wishes of residents. The first 9 months of this year, the per capita consumption expenditure of residents is 5999.95 yuan, accounting for the proportion of disposable income decreased by 74.6% over the same period last year to 72%, mainly due to the consumption tendency of the downward trend in two aspects: first, the current between the city residents’ income gap still exists, the difference of consumption different income is large, at present middle and high income household consumption is basically saturated, is stable, consumption concept from quantity to quality, and gradually transformed into the accumulation and investment. While low-income families affected by spending power, consumption based on practical, pay attention to conservation and rational, so that consumer groups appear fault, the overall demand for desire to decline. Secondly, the price increases the cost of consumption, to a certain extent, affected the further improvement of the living standards of residents. The first 9 months of this year, the city’s consumer price index rose by 9.7%, of which food prices rose significantly, the index rose by 21.3%. As the price index rose, the city’s residents in the consumption of more than 44.25 yuan per person per month spending on food consumption per capita spending more than $45.8 per month.

Statistics Department, according to the current status of social economy and social average income level, the city should continue to take measures to further improve the living standards of low-income families, low-income families and narrowing the gap of high income families.