The first day of college entrance examination candidates love to help navigate the way

To ensure the smooth and safe candidates to reach the college entrance examination, is the three days of all the people in Xining are considering the topic of concern. During the college entrance examination, Xining City, a total of more than one thousand taxis, private cars on the road for the candidates.

if the previous love to send test on smooth and safe, this year is more emphasis on safety and smooth. Due to the increasing pressure on the driving force in Xining, in order to ensure that candidates can arrive at the test site on time, the candidates parents and love drivers have chosen to start early, arrived early.

and Mr. Zhang as early arrive "love to send test car" is not a few, most of them are worried about the congestion delay send test. It is obvious that today’s road conditions allow drivers to arrive earlier than expected. No. 8 is a Monday, usually the day the roads are congested, but this time to send test drivers do not worry, because they believe that love will help you navigate the way.