Four double activities to narrow the distance between the municipal Party committee and youth

"54" on the eve, in order to further deepen the party’s mass line educational practice, effectively change the style of work, the municipal Party committee will change the recognition of incentives in the form of community youth and youth organizations, sent to the grassroots and youth medal, closer to the feelings of the masses.

"feet into the masses, found the problem with your eyes, with ears to listen to the voice, with both hands to send warmth", this is the municipal Party committee established to carry out the party’s mass line educational practice carrier. Study and practice activities, the municipal Party Committee for each cadres to determine a township (street), a work group of Young Entrepreneurs Association, a social organization, a youth and a school youth volunteer organization of the point of contact, take 3 days in 2 days at the grass-roots unit, "3+2" working mode, open up contact and serve the young "the last one kilometer". In this activity, the municipal Party committee composed of 7 working group of the contact point for the city’s districts, selected the 54 red flag League "," outstanding cadres "," excellent League member "," outstanding youth volunteer group "," outstanding youth volunteers "," youth civilization "," rural youth rich leaders "and" young skilled positions, 57 advanced collectives and 124 outstanding young person sent the medals and certificates, and the form of the forum, listen to them, encourage advanced collectives and individuals play a typical demonstration effect, contribute to work for our party and government and the Communist Youth League career center. At the same time, the working group on the point of contact and carry out the months of research, visited the youth work, combing found difficult problems, grassroots organizations to help grassroots organizations to promote the focus of work. Through the medals to the grassroots activities, further narrowing the distance between the Communist Youth League and youth organizations, and enhance the feelings of youth, by all levels of the organization and youth.