CBC North City branch actively involved in bank docking activities help enterprise development

recently, the chairman of the North Branch of ICBC and the head of the company’s financial business department attended the forum organized by the north city government to help businesses, steady growth, structural adjustment as the theme of the SME forum. With the help of the government to build the "bank docking platform, the branch to participate in the conference more than 40 small and medium-sized enterprises (micro) legal representative, person in charge of the industrial and Commercial Bank of SME credit products and related financial services etc..
three is the small and medium-sized enterprise legal representative and responsible for the extensive understanding of the financial docking, the basic needs of customers, for our next step to carry out the SME credit business marketing to obtain reliable information.
through this meeting, the North Branch of ICBC and the local small and medium-sized enterprises (micro) to establish a good relationship between information, for the future development of Small and micro businesses work has laid a solid foundation.