Let private enterprises to enhance the real sense of gain from the policy

– Xi Jinping, general secretary of the speech in the China National Federation of industry and Commerce Commission members caused a strong reaction

Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 4 March, (reporter Zhang Xudong Anbei) "unswervingly encourage, support and guide non-public economic development" to promote policies floor, fine drop, implement, from the policy to allow private enterprises to truly enhance the sense of"……

3 4 afternoon, the general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and CMC Chairman Xi Jinping visit to participate in the CPPCC CDNCA, commercial speech on "encourage, support and guide non-public economic development" with community members, aroused strong repercussions in the CPPCC National Committee members. Reporters at the end of the Federation of industry and Commerce Committee, the joint meeting, the scene of the members.

release important signal:

greatly enhance the confidence of private enterprise development

general secretary’s speech, released an important signal to support the development of non-public economy, so that private entrepreneurs are encouraged, greatly enhanced the development of confidence." Federation of industry and Commerce sectors of the CPPCC National Committee, Yili Resources Group Limited company chairman Wang Wenbiao said. In the afternoon of the joint meeting, he made private enterprises to fulfill their social responsibility to speak, listen to the general secretary Xi Jinping’s speech.

Wang Wenbiao said that this shows that the CPC Central Committee unwavering support for the development of non-public economy firm confidence. He believes that the general secretary in his speech to the non-public economy and puts forward three hope: the desire to non-public persons can grow healthily; the two is that the non-public economy healthy development; the three is that the non-public economy should earnestly fulfill social responsibility.

Zhou Xinsheng, member of the CPPCC National Committee of the

, said that the speech of the general secretary was very specific, with profound meaning and strong guidance. The non-public economy is an important part of the national economy, is very important to promote the healthy and stable development of the economy, the general secretary stressed the support of non-public economy "three no change", will boost the development of private enterprises "development of private economy in good faith, and is conducive to steady growth, promoting employment."

, the vice chairman of Zhejiang Provincial Committee, vice mayor of Ningbo city Zhang Minghua members in the joint meeting on further reducing the cost of Small and micro businesses that speak. He said that the general secretary’s speech is a great encouragement to all non-public. General secretary said in his speech to reduce the cost of enterprises, and effectively solve the difficulties, we are very pleased to hear.

injection development arm:

non-public economy should grasp the new opportunities for development

chairman Wang Wenbiao said, the General Secretary for encouraging the development of non-public economy, private economy to 14th, into a tonic. For private enterprises to increase the positive energy, boost the development of confidence. "Now that the economy has some difficulties, but not because of difficulties to stop the pace of private enterprises is the tenacity." He said, "although the current business pressure, but can not only rely on the weather. I believe that with the support of our government, entrepreneurs confidence, we must rely on the struggle, to turn the crisis into an opportunity for the ashes;