Let the sun warm the disabled — celebrate the eighteen – western scientific development of disabled

suffered from vasculitis for many years Gao Jiangqing, because no money treatment, facing the risk of amputation. The days are not well-off, Jiang Qing gray haired old mother often tears. In the West District of Xining City CDPF with the help of Jiang Qing raised enough funds, accompanied by the family to go out treatment. Now, his body gradually restored, the old mother’s face also has a smile.

The West District of Xining City,

is a modern new city a set of scientific research, education, culture, tourism, commerce and trade as a whole, a total of 9786 disabled, accounting for about 3.69% of the total population, for the complicated and arduous. The west area of the disabled social security system and service system construction into the overall economic and social development, the region’s population by 0.5 yuan per person will recover funds into the budget, the township disabled are included in the fiscal budget funds, to ensure that disabled persons into the basic minimum living guarantee, the disabled medical assistance, serious illness relief, temporary relief, and improve their assistance standards, the basic living of people with disabilities have safeguard.

to promote the rehabilitation of persons with disabilities, the west district to speed up the realization of the disabled, everyone has the goal of rehabilitation services, to strengthen the rehabilitation of disabled persons work technical guidance. District Rehabilitation Center was established based on vision, hearing, language, intellectual disability rehabilitation technical guidance center and the prevention and treatment of psychiatric rehabilitation technical guidance center; the 18 community health service stations, set up 15 rehabilitation rooms, rehabilitation medical disabilities; 13 community neighborhood committee established community rehabilitation centers, rehabilitation knowledge popular, recreational therapy psychological counseling and rehabilitation activities and referral rehabilitation services. At the same time, the area also disabled comprehensive survey, 90% disabled people set up rehabilitation archives, community rehabilitation coordinator regular visits to the disabled, to their home rehabilitation physician payment manual, onsite examination, detailed grasp the situation and needs of the rehabilitation of the disabled.

through multiple research and elaborate design, the west area lasted more than a year and built a comprehensive service center for the disabled in Qinghai province is the first to provide a set of norms, rehabilitation, training, entertainment, learning as one of the venues for the disabled. The center repeatedly use of various festivals held "rehabilitation training" and "open the door, let the sun shine" "deep emotion, Dragon Boat warm you and me" and other rich and colorful activities, as of now, a total of more than and 700 people came to the center, card 41, 38 articles matchmaking registration, registration requirements 49.

in May 20th this year, twentieth day this day, West District held the disabled, disabled friends performing arts program, won applause from the audience, after seeing the child dance performances and poetry readings, many people moved to tears…… Who says there is no sunshine in the disabled world? Who says there is no hope for the disabled? It is their spirit of self-improvement, love life, so that more people see the health of the fragile life behind, that very tenacious faith and courage. (author: Wu Yachun):