The province’s 43 counties for the environmental iodine deficiency area

May 15th is our country twenty-second "the prevention of iodine deficiency disease", the theme of "scientific iodine, focusing on the first 1000 days of life, hope that through the propaganda, guide the masses reasonable supplementation, especially avoid pregnant women, fetuses and infants, insufficient iodine intake group. The reporter learned from the related activities held in our province learned that our province is a national IDD epidemic serious province (area), is currently the country did not achieve the goal of eliminating one of the provinces, the province’s 43 counties (cities, districts) are the environmental iodine deficiency area.

in the provincial government attach great importance to, the Commission and other ministries in the national health plan and the United Nations Children’s fund and other social organizations to support and help, in close cooperation with the relevant departments of our province, the province’s efforts to control workers, coverage of iodized salt, the consumption rate of qualified iodized salt iodine increased significantly. The nutritional level of people improved, eliminating iodine deficiency disease and achieved remarkable results, in 2010 passed the national acceptance, to achieve the basic elimination of IDD milestones. But the province from the national disease prevention and control plan in 12th Five-Year to determine the objectives and tasks (to achieve the goal of eliminating the iodine deficiency hazard) there is a certain gap. In the future, we will continue to adhere to the comprehensive prevention and control strategy of salt iodization, and strive to improve the province’s iodine deficiency prevention and control work to a new level. The reporter understands, scientific research shows that from the pregnant mother to the fetus after birth is two years of age, especially human brain development is a critical period for intellectual development, this period of iodine, maintain sufficient iodine nutrition, for the protection of children’s mental development, prevent vital intellectual disability.