The project will build new silk road road channel

Recently, G569 Mandela to Datong Road Shahe (Gansu small world) to Datong project Menyuan County land acquisition mobilization will be held, marking the road channel new economic zone construction project into the formal implementation stage.

is the construction of the project for the development of new Silk Road Economic Belt, has very important significance to improve the road network in our province, promote economic and social development along the region. After the completion of the project, fast and convenient channel will open up the capital of Qinghai province and Xining Lianhuo high-speed important node – Wuwei City, Jinchang City, and shorten the nickel and the summer in Xining City, Wuwei Xining distance, to enhance the city’s two regional advantage, Qinghai, Gansu, Inner Mongolia, to Ningxia, Shaanxi five provinces with communication role.