Xining temporary relief implementation rules promulgated in the future to provide assistance in thre

In order to further improve the social assistance system, regulate the temporary relief work, properly solve the sudden and temporary hardship and difficulties of the masses, to ensure the basic living of urban and rural poor people, earlier this month, the city of Xining with their own reality, formulated and promulgated the "Xining interim relief implementation rules" (hereinafter referred to as the "rules"). In the future, the city of Xining will be issued temporary relief payments, payment of goods, providing referral services in three ways, providing assistance to urban and rural poor people.


"rules", the temporary relief object including family objects due to fire, traffic accident disaster (no liability or responsibility without compensation ability) and other accidents, family members sudden major diseases, leading to serious difficulties in basic living temporarily families; due to a sudden increase in living expenses necessary to bear more than a family ability to lead to serious difficulties in basic living subsistence family temporarily; by the people’s governments at or above the county level (Civil Affairs Department) that other special difficulties encountered families.

[standard] relief

to the maximum extent reflect the principle of fair and reasonable, Xining temporary relief standards unified by the Xining city minimum living standard, difficult family population and difficult to continue the three elements of the calculation to determine the time limit. The specific calculation methods are as follows: the total amount of temporary relief fund for a difficult family = the number of × in the difficult family; the difficulty of extending the time limit (×); the standard of minimum living standard in Xining.

for different types of families continue difficult time, the county can be determined according to the following principles: low income families (mainly in the minimum living guarantee of urban and rural residents and other special social assistance system coverage, per capita income is lower than the minimum living standard of 150% families) of the temporary relief object, because of the risk of major diseases lead to overweight medical expenses resulting in a particularly difficult family life, after deducting the individual pays part and the relevant departments shall reimburse the costs, determined by 3 to 12 months, but the rescue expenses shall not exceed the total individual bear the medical expenses, the maximum amount of aid is not more than 20000 yuan; due to the event of fire, traffic accident or other special difficulties resulting in a particularly difficult family life, after deducting various compensation and insurance after the burden is still heavy, determined by the 3 to 8 months, the highest relief Amount not exceeding 15000 yuan.