This year, the city strive to let 52 thousand people out of poverty

, a reporter from the city farming and poverty alleviation and Development Bureau, the working goal of the new round of poverty alleviation in our city is higher, this year through the focus on poverty alleviation and development projects to drive the poor out of poverty, and strive to achieve the annual reduction in poverty population of 52 thousand people, has greatly improved the poverty alleviation projects village of farmers per capita net income.

this year I will further innovation of poverty alleviation and development work mechanism, establish the precise mechanism for poverty alleviation and development of financial poverty, poverty alleviation, industry consolidation of special poverty alleviation, social poverty, poverty alleviation aid youth "four in one" pattern of poverty alleviation, and strive to complete the investigation and filing cards work of a new round of poverty to the home village before the end of June, according to the "2014-2015 in Xining city to resettle planning", according to city and town, the town center, focus on parks, community focused principle, this year focus on the implementation of 43 poor villages to be relocated, the relocation of resettlement of 4675 households, 19921 people. Through poverty alleviation and development of key projects to achieve the goal of poverty reduction of 52 thousand people throughout the year.

at the same time, I will gather together to strengthen the industry poverty alleviation, poverty alleviation, increase the coverage of the preferential agricultural policies in poor areas in our city, the integration of village road construction, drinking water safety, reconstruction, specialty farming industry, rural tourism poverty alleviation, education poverty, cultural construction, the impoverished village informatization construction projects, the industry of poverty alleviation results included in the industry department target assessment key content, work together to improve the development of poor areas vitality.