The province has set up 7 provincial engineering technology research center

reporter learned from the provincial science and Technology Department was informed that, in order to encourage enterprises to enhance the ability of technology development and transformation of scientific and technological achievements, the recent Office of the provincial development and Reform Commission, the provincial economic and Information Commission, the Provincial Department of Finance jointly approved by the newly formed Qinghai Province tower power, aluminum based materials preparation and processing, integration and application of laser and the gold resources, efficient use of water resources, comprehensive utilization of flax seed, Radix Rehmanniae comprehensive utilization of 7 provincial engineering technology research center.

provincial engineering technology research center is an important platform for technological innovation in our province, but also an important base for our province to carry out research cooperation and training innovative talents. The newly formed the 7 provincial engineering technology research center located in new energy, new materials, new display, mineral resources, biological medicine and other fields, to further improve our province engineering technology research center layout, enhance innovation capability and core competitiveness, effectively promote the construction of technological innovation system in our province, has an important role.