Wang Yubo on the college graduates employment service desk column instructions

June 19th, the metropolis newspaper launched "college graduates employment service station" column, the column of a launch, get the support of the community and the response, widely praised by the college graduates, graduates and parents of the province of enterprises.

June 20th, the Xining Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Yubo on the employment of college graduates service desk made instructions: "thank you" West Sea Metropolis Daily "concerned about employment, employment assistance. We suggest that we should give full play to the advantages of media and do more work in guiding employment." To graduate a year, in the face of "the hardest job in the history, the various departments in our province, Xining City, team work, positive. As the mainstream media, "west Metropolis Newspaper" the use of their own advantages, planning carefully prepared in advance, launched in June 19th "college graduates employment service station" column, build bridges for employment of college graduates and enterprises. A column by newspapers, not only in our province, Xining relevant departments support, and more than 20 enterprises to actively respond to this activity, released hundreds of jobs. Recently, this newspaper will continue to publish more quality job, job information, job seekers and business. (author: Wu Yachun)