Happy lemon happy business can make money

happy lemon four step process, to lead the drinks, drinks industry famous streets and lanes, street miracle creator, darling, do not want to profit.

, a fresh cold extraction mixing technology, a quick meal, it

will have nutritional elements and rapid extraction and suppress mixing material package of fresh fruit, a bag in hand, just waiting for the delicious.

two, organic extraction technology, good taste, a key to get

high-tech extraction machine and the removal of bitterness, the ultimate fruit milk taste, fresh tea base timing processing. Happy lemon drink join

three, fresh fruit in cultivation technology, thousands of tests, delicious Tiancheng

all the fresh raw materials are carefully cultivated, extraction and. Single fruit juice content of more than 60%, fresh fruit content of more than 30%.

four, tea fruit aroma recovery technology, mature technology, industry recognized

domestic mature technology, through the aroma recovery, as far as possible to retain the juice to drink tea raw materials of the original aroma, taste better.

happy lemon, is so capricious, four exquisite craft, easy profit, peers catch up.