Nike sales exceeded $30 billion 600 million ranked first

in the sports brand, Nike is regarded as a leader in the global sports brand, at home and abroad can be seen everywhere Nike logo, everywhere wearing Nike shoes or clothing consumers. In 10  one of the most popular American brands, Nike  annual sales of   306  $100 million in the first place. Even   2014  annual income of   220  $100 million Swedish brand   H& M  nor beyond   Nike.

Nike  sales exceeded   H& M ;   GAP  group three sub brands are on the list. Recently, fashion website   Fashionista  according to the brand income named   10  a top selling brand in america.

in third and fourth is   GAP  two brands group. Old  Navy  over the group’s flagship brand   Gap,   annual revenue of   66  $third in the list. Although   Gap  sales have been declining, has recently closed its 1/4 stores in the North American market. But it ranked fourth, annual income of   62  $100 million.

three brands next interesting, Michael  Kors, Coach  Tommy  Hilfiger and  . They are common in fashion brands "because of the excessive expansion of the brand and product line, which led to excessive popularity, brand diaojia."

Michael  Kors  has been bad mouthing, stock prices have fallen all the way, but it is   44  $100 million in annual revenue ranked fifth. Coach  annual income   43  $sixth, Tommy  Hilfiger    36    $7. American  Eagle  annual income is   recommended