Market and product data analysis

to some efficient market analysis of learning strategies in the early stage, so that it can grasp the market dynamics, and make the appropriate adjustments, following small business friends recommended learning market and product data analysis method.

Analysis of data:




1. restaurant address, away from the A area.

2. found that the distance is 2.6KM, located in the business circle of the most marginal, called it the C area.

3. through the map to see the restaurant around the format and economic groups, belonging to the edge of the market in one of the worst formats (there is mainly Park).

4. dialogue concluded: from 50 minutes to be able to deliver the amount of A area in short supply. The distance from C to A is 2.6KM. This restaurant is not a McDonald’s or pizza hut. An unknown restaurant, rely on takeaway APP can sell explosive. That the market demand is great enough to support new businesses settled.

5. conclusion: A District 3KM business circle can get a place where the shops, as long as the packaging and production can do that restaurant level or above, the project success rate is almost 70%! Have the strength to open a bigger shop to do better marketing, that A District -C district business circle will get more resources and consumer base.

if you master this method, believe that for the market analysis and product data can quickly become, save a lot of time and energy, greatly enhance the work efficiency, the entrepreneurial road can go more easily.