What is the reason for the sale of products

What is the reason why

products are not sold? From the general direction, the reason for selling may be because the product is not good, the service is not in place, there may be pricing problems. Here is not a detailed description of these three points, mainly from the pricing problem for you to analyze the reasons for the sale of the product, look at it!

1. overpriced

What is the reason why

products are not sold? If the enterprise product pricing regardless of market specific circumstances from the requirement of the enterprise to pricing, will cause the product to the shelf after consumers refuse to put and not sell the situation.

The new product

2004 unified Hefei company has developed a good strength way, in the pricing of enterprises regardless of the specific circumstances of the market and dealers unanimously opposed pricing from their own profits, the products listed market will not accept but also lead to a sharp decline in sales market, and enterprises have to take to increase promotional efforts and the price of the way to reverse situation.

2. pricing is too low

with high price as business if the price is too low will also let consumers do not buy it, because for some products, the price is too low will allow consumers to locate the enterprise product doubt and that product quality problems and not buy — your price is so low, you must have the quality problem, which leads to put No one shows any interest in products on the shelf.

a company’s weight loss products in the market is very popular, but the enterprise in order to enhance sales and expand market share as soon as possible, the use of a holiday opportunity, suddenly cut prices. But the price consumers but did not dare to buy — your price down so much that your quality is a problem, I bought this product once I eat a bad body, who is responsible for ah, is not bought in a life.

3. channel price setting unreasonable

What is the reason why

products are not sold? The price of the channel is unreasonable and the price system is chaotic, which makes the channel lack enough power, and the products can not be sold on the shelf.

a lot of enterprise products can not be sold because the price is unreasonable, or too high, or too low, no matter what, as long as unreasonable, will naturally be questioned by consumers. Once the pricing problem, want to win a good reputation and popularity is difficult.