What are the principles of automobile 4S shop location

now many entrepreneurs know the importance of site selection, but do not know how to carry out. In fact, as long as we can comply with the relevant principles, to the shop to choose a suitable location can also be very easy. So, what are the principles of automobile 4S store location?

a transportation facilities. Auto 4S shop is an automobile, auto parts sales, auto repair and information feedback as one of the "Moore", people flow, logistics, capital flow, information flow is very large, so a successful face must be built in the 4S shop where traffic convenience,

b easy overall planning. The construction of modern automobile 4S shop should be in accordance with market and current standard of overall planning, do not engage in "East West, a small market, it is difficult to form a scale.

c has some foundation in automobile trade. The market has formed its natural, historical and other factors, cultivate the market needs for a long time. The blind construction of the market is not only a waste of resources, but also easy to form a "no market". Relying on an influential Carsell market, on the basis of renovation and expansion is a multiplier approach.

e perfect utility system. A car 4S shop every day need plenty of water and power support. So the surrounding water supply system, drainage system, power supply system must be perfect.

consumer object is very clear, is the major automobile users, therefore, as long as we grasp the relevant principles, to the store to choose a suitable business address will be very simple. So, if you are ready to open a car 4S shop, you know how the location?