Su Denian returned home to grow strawberries

strawberry is a lot of people love the fruit at the fruit shop also has to sell, there is a 80 Mountain girl also began selling her strawberry, strawberry is not from a vendor came in, but in their hands, now she is a local strawberry king, and led the villagers to get rich together, take a look at how she step by step.

returned for strawberry, devote themselves to learning for the father of

, who lives in the South Street Street on behalf of the village of Xu Xu Xu family of Su Denian, was born in 1984. After graduating in 2008, she was removed in Guizhou, Yunnan work. His monthly salary of about 3000 yuan. The rent and daily expenses, at least 2000 yuan, go home to do a little business, than in the work of strong." Su Denian said. In a foreign country, Su Denian began to envy home business fellow, in addition to the hometown and relatives of the missing, she started to have their entrepreneurial ideas. Then, in 2012, she quit her job back to business.

returned to his familiar land, Su Denian began to learn his father taught 10 years of strawberry experience, and in their own contract to try to grow 3 acres of land. In the beginning of planting, due to the lack of experience in planting, strawberry production is not high, but she was not so downhearted, but dive down to study harder. She even took out the work to earn more than 9000 yuan of savings, went to Beijing to learn soilless cultivation techniques. Later, he went to Chengdu and Zhejiang to study the cultivation techniques of winter strawberry. After graduation, she began to build their own fields in simple greenhouse planting winter strawberry. She did not think the wood shed, has become Yongchuan’s first winter Greenhouse Strawberry cultivation.

"in the beginning I of strawberry planting is not very good, his hand is not too much money, so I can only start in their own small land, constantly looking for all kinds of information, learning cultivation technology, familiar with the whole market, is to have a day to build its own brand of strawberry in my hometown." Su Denian said.

scientific planting technology, the rapid increase in the Su Denian family of strawberry production. During the year of cucumber mountain pear Festival ", there are a lot of tourists passing her strawberries, people buy strawberries in a continuous line. Looked at by tourists a "grab" and empty strawberries, Su Denian thought: "why not expand the planting area, so that visitors to pick strawberries?"

women’s farm, nurturing a brand

on cucumber mountain pear Festival ", Su Denian tasted the sweetness of strawberry. 2013, she and his father to discuss, decided to come up with 300 thousand yuan savings at home, expand the scale of planting, while registered family farms. In the national agricultural policy support, enhance the development of confidence Su Denian strawberry. After just six months, her family farm is recommended flow