Zhenjiang management of engineering senior talent strategy was officially launched in Jingkou Distri

cannot do without innovation and entrepreneurial talent, talent here should not only have a culture of innovation and technology entrepreneurship knowledge required, but never yield in spite of reverses the spirit of innovation. Zhenjiang start high-level talent strategic project, in order to stimulate the entrepreneurial enthusiasm of Zhenjiang talent, encourage innovation and development direction of the industry direction.

the project includes Jingkou culture and Art Center and Beida Jade Bird Education Center (Jiangsu) strategic cooperation, brand innovation Chinese Zhenjiang prize.the entrepreneurial senior personnel training classes, CMBA University books and EMBA senior seminar, Zhenjiang famous enterprises and national enterprises, business alliance CCTV old story Chinese channel brand column group into the Zhenjiang famous brand the establishment of the Central Committee of the Chinese activities, future star of the Zhenjiang organizing committee, the establishment of the world miss intercontinental competition Zhenjiang division organizing committee and other items of content. Among them, Zhenjiang innovation and entrepreneurship talents as the first CMBA Seminar on education and training of the project of the first floor, will start this month at the end of March 2016 officially opened.

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