2015 Sichuan economic influence figure will be announced this week

this year, Sichuan in order to promote the development of entrepreneurship and innovation in the western provinces, has made great efforts. This month, the 2015 annual economic figures in Sichuan will soon announce the results of the election, many successful entrepreneurs are also candidates to prove the strength of the creation of customers.

12 14, by the western media group jointly organized by the southwest division of the green space division of China · the year 2015 Sichuan economic influence figure selection activities started. After the introduction of the selection activities, the social response is extremely warm. Just a week, the west media call center 028-  96111, the Huaxi city network, west media cluster channel self nomination, entrepreneur has more than two hundred people.

selection in the industry also started to storm, especially for the entrepreneurial character is caused widespread concern. As a successful entrepreneur, entrepreneur, storm technology CEO Feng Xin will also serve as the special guests were invited to the scene of the December 24th awards ceremony, to share his "business", "Internet plus" experience.

"2015 downtown pressure on the economy increase, but the" public entrepreneurship, innovation "has become a rare bright color. Chengdu as an inland open highland in the field of innovation and entrepreneurship not only in the Midwest first, and no worse than the North canton. In addition to these benefits from policy support, but also inseparable from the entrepreneurial leadership. Therefore, the economic impact of the Sichuan character selection, should be particularly concerned about the ‘innovation and entrepreneurship’ outstanding figures in the field." In the Tianfu Software Park work Mr. Wang call the newspaper west media call center such suggestions.

in May 7th this year, the circle of friends by the prime minister to visit Zhongguancun venture street news shuabing. And 3 days before the youth day, the West China Metropolis Daily hit a large theme of China’s public welfare event has been opened in advance.

10 25, Chinese hit off and ant gold clothing business school cooperation signing ceremony and a guest Chinese incubator launch ceremony was held in the recommended