Housekeeping company management needs to do these three points

no matter what the industry, want to have better management methods are very important, the management is also very necessary, so is the domestic company, now with the continuous fierce home Home Furnishing domestic market, a good management scheme is very important for the operator, a lot of people a lot of business part of the reason is the failure in the operation and management in addition, then how to manage our domestic companies to better


housekeeping company management to do these three points

first, establish the triangle

The establishment of

company, the nanny, the "iron triangle" customer relationship: the nanny employed by the company by the company management and payment of wages, the nanny from free occupation into the "occupation" of the workers, to get a sense of belonging; the company and its customers (employer) signed a labor contract, as a customer service representative in the nanny family.

second, pre job training

pays special attention to the pre job training, quality education for all pre contents include: Nanny cooking, infants, elderly care, laundry, cleaning and other clothing Home Furnishing labor skills and service attitude training, safety knowledge, laws and regulations, the company discipline, that is to improve labor skills, so that after entering the home can provide good service; on the other hand the service mentality education is more critical, the training has a good occupation mentality, establish a good relationship between the employer and the good.

third, the establishment of the insurance system

domestic companies to introduce insurance mechanisms, and insurance companies to cooperate, to buy domestic service employees for domestic service insurance, in case of domestic staff accident, but also the common mechanism of compensation.

fourth, looking for senior management

the introduction of high-quality management, training personnel, strengthen the management team.

in recent years, the development of the domestic industry is very fast, a pioneering industry is worth mining, as a domestic company and several operators, the above is a prerequisite for operating a domestic company, at the same time in the business process, we also need to learn how to operate the operator the management of their employees, because the company’s staff is the key of corporate profits.

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