What are the key problems of poor store management

although the spring, but countless shops just feel the cold, after all, many shops operating situation is not satisfactory. In short, more and more terminal stores feel the economic pressure. Store renovation, BA training, terminal sales, etc. has become the focus of most of the shops now eager to transform the most important areas. However, even if it takes great effort to invest a huge amount of money, consumer diversion is still inevitable. What is wrong? Terminal stores in the end what is the crux of the problem? Perhaps the following points can give you thinking:

1, just look at how others do, regardless of who I am

Chinese people like to follow suit, like to follow the success of imitation. So, in recent years, we store decoration and layout, the height of the "spirit", in addition to its name different, no other big difference.

shop owner actually understand that each store to the shopping district of customer demand oriented. But who is the customer of this store? What about her spending habits and preferences? How often does the customer order and return cycle? These you do not go to the study, the old look at how others shop, it is meaningless.

are learning Watsons, but do you know, Watsons each store renovation and commodity structure, are not the same, will be adjusted accordingly according to the business district. Watsons model is mature, and truly understand the retail, but the local cosmetics store is also the stage of feeling the stones across the river, just look at how people do, do not consider who I am, and finally very easy to lose yourself.

2, only want to sell goods, do not consider the customer who is

most cosmetic shops have one thing in common, no matter who enters the store, only push their most want to sell goods. Why? Interest dictates. This is the most serious mistake and stores the crux of the problem, especially since this year, the cost of operating pressure increase, this phenomenon become aggravated. Only think of themselves, persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, without considering the customer experience, more to ignore and not respect the real needs of customers, the one-way business ideas, think you can go far?

3, only consider the price, do not consider the basket number

what is the unit price? What is the number of the basket? If your average customer price is 50 yuan, then the customer list is the inside of the one or two goods, or more than three of the goods, its meaning is completely different. The price is higher, the lower the number of basket, means there is profit, there is a guest single skin care and makeup sales ratio is too high, can cultivate the goods and base category accounted for low popularity, the store clerk in the main push they want to sell the goods. The price is low, the basket number is increasingly high, said the popularity of goods and selling category accounted for more. At present, most of the problems in the store are the former.