Red soup braised pickled cabbage vermicelli is yet to join the project

a touching story of the bridge rice noodle, so that the traditional snack line swept the world. The development of rice noodle has been hundreds of years of history, is a traditional Chinese snacks. Rice vermicelli, Yunnan, said rice vermicelli, rice noodles in other parts of china. Rice vermicelli made of strip shape, a circular cross section, color white, ductile, slightly to cook fish out after boiling water, add broth, soy sauce, green onion, usually mix salt, monosodium glutamate, oil, spicy sauce, hot to eat. Fans are similar, but different taste. The ancient book "food" cooking time, remember "noodle charm". People used to call "noodle Physalis noodle" and "acid powder" and "dry noodle", "Rice noodles". It is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and enzymes, have cooked quickly and evenly, Naizhu not rotten, crisp and tender, soup after cooking is not muddy, easy to digest, especially suitable for casual snack food.

as the traditional snacks, natural market demand will not be so easy to disappear, many franchisees in many brands after the noodle investment would ask such a question: Red braised sauerkraut soup noodle can join? Xiaobian tell you of course.

red braised sauerkraut soup noodle is a very special noodle, it is sour with rice vermicelli, Henan red soup stewed Catering Management Limited’s brand red soup braised sauerkraut noodle with special food and production process, unique flavor, exquisite craft blended Yunnan local farm noodle practice, its rich flavor two, smooth taste, acid liqueur, rich nutrition etc.. The first Yunnan noodle cooking bubble modulation method take boiled after pouring incense, maximize the retention of the noodle taste and nutrition. Combined with < < Compendium of Materia Medica > > using two kinds of herbal medicines on the good natural with the old hen soup for three years and refined by the organic combination of Yunnan authentic sauerkraut and northeast sauerkraut two red soup, braised sauerkraut noodles, spicy but not dry, incense and tire. Two acid liqueur, with dampness, phlegm, hairdressing, won the majority of customers trust and praise.


brand is currently facing the National hot investment, it is a good brand to join the red soup, braised pickled cabbage vermicelli can join! If you want to join, please consult our website.