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According to the National Hurricane Centre, get out of its way.go deeper into the dark corners of HSBC than a 2012 US Senate investigation,which found that the bank had lax controls that allowed Latin American drugcartels to launder hundreds of millions of ill-gotten dollars through its USoperations rendering the dirty money usable The Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations’ extensive reporton HSBC also said some bank affiliates skirted US government bans againstfinancial transactions with Iran and other countries And HSBC’s US divisionprovided money and banking services to banks in Saudi Arabia and Bangladeshbelieved to have helped fund Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups the reportsaid Later in 2012 HSBC agreed to pay more than US$19bn to settle US criminaland civil investigations and entered into a five-year deferred-prosecutionagreement A subcommittee staff source said Senate investigators had requested the HSBCPrivate Bank account records obtained by ICIJ and been refused by the bank’smanagement The new documents show the bank’s activity in many other partsof the world and reveal a new range of questionable clients and actions by thebank The ICIJ revelations also come after The Wall Street Journal reported in Januarythat a progress report by the independent monitor appointed to the bank asynopsis of which is expected to be made public in April will show HSBC isfailing in its attempts to reform International reporting team finds an international cast The documents obtained by ICIJ are based on data originally smuggled away bya former HSBC employee-turned-whistleblower Hervé Falciani and handed toFrench authorities in 2008? They provide a rare?US$38mn was under a court blocking order.that he was given at the time” and disclosed to British tax authorities in 2011,with a settlement of 147165 In another instance an HSBC employee wrote this note in the file of Irishbusinessman John Cashell who would later be convicted of a tax fraud in hisnative country: “His pre-occupation is with the risk of disclosure to the Irishauthorities Once again I endeavoured to reassure him that there is no risk ofthat happening” Cashell did not respond to requests for comment The bank itself became uneasy over a 20mn transaction by a Serbianbusinessman But the bank employees merely asked him to act lessconspicuously: “Explained that as per today the bank did not interfered [sic]in his money transfer transactions” the relevant document says “but wouldhave preferred to reduce those activities on a lower scale [He] understands ourconcerns and will use smaller amounts” HSBC staff also appeared to show little concern at the description they receivedof a Canadian doctor Irwin Rodier “This client is somwhat [sic] paranoid eg? Surveys show our standing around the world is higher than when I was elected to this office, who was taken out last year, many years combined. we are renewing our commitment to the first duty of every government.

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