What are the risks faced by College Students

is now a lot just out of college, facing severe employment pressure, have turned to the defected to the start of the tide. In fact, entrepreneurship is a risk, especially with respect to college students. So what are the risks of college students?

economic risk.

as long as business needs investment, but just for a moment on the university students, they are not workers or consumers. If the family conditions slightly better students, parents can start to take the money. For most college students, the university itself is enough to worry about their parents, how to have extra money to support their children? Therefore, college students must first consider the source of funds, economic risk. Because of the success of the business there is failure, of course, is a good thing, failed, you can afford it?

two. Time risk

risk occupation.

because of College Students’ entrepreneurship, not necessarily choose their majors. And entrepreneurship is a need to take the time of the cause, so after college students, even if you do not give up their own professional, will affect your studies, which is the professional risk of College students. In addition, students start later, because he has business experience and ambition, so students after graduation is very difficult to feel at ease to work, they are always ready to stage a comeback, re start.

four. Emotional risk