Shenzhen a number of activities to promote entrepreneurship driven employment

to promote entrepreneurship, strengthen the long-term unemployed and zero employment families have difficulty finding employment assistance, Shenzhen city to carry out a number of activities to strengthen the employment employment guidance for entrepreneurial incubator, to fully realize the community employment standard.

from the Shenzhen municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau was informed that this year the city’s employment goal is clear: the new urban employment 80 thousand people, promote the unemployed employment 40 thousand people, employment difficulties in employment of 20 thousand people, the registered urban unemployment rate at 3%, "zero employment family dynamic zero, to maintain more than 95% community to achieve full employment community standard. Support 3000 successful entrepreneurs, and led the employment of 15 thousand people.

for this purpose, during the year, Shenzhen will carry out more than 500 college graduates internship employment, entrepreneurship awareness training more than 5000 people, entrepreneurial skills training more than 1000 people. To carry out college graduates campus recruitment, "Shuangxuan, network recruitment and other special employment service activities 40 sessions, providing more than 100 thousand jobs. The annual college graduates in the employment rate of over 92%, the "double storm" graduate employment rate of 100%. Public recruitment activities carried out series of spring action, Guangdong chunnuan, private enterprise recruitment week 1000 times above. Strengthen employment assistance for people with employment difficulties, focusing on helping zero employment families, long-term unemployed persons, guaranteeing employment difficulties and other employment difficulties.

Shenzhen will fully implement the preferential policies for their own businesses, focusing on improving the small loan guarantee policy. Key support for college graduates to start their own businesses, the introduction of special support measures, the establishment of special support funds to support college graduates during the year to achieve their own business 500. Strive to 2015, the proportion of college graduates to start their own businesses to reach 3% of the total number of graduates. Accelerate the pace of construction of entrepreneurial carrier, and strive to achieve a total of more than 20 municipal incubation base. To strengthen regional entrepreneurship incubator guidance, and strive to 2015 to ensure the realization of each street has a entrepreneurship incubator.

Shenzhen clear employment difficulty business objectives, carry out the employment assistance activities to achieve a venture to promote employment incubator, conscientiously implement the strengthening of the difficulties of employment support.

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