Global customers gathered in Shenzhen only for more exchanges

any enterprise wants to achieve more rapid development, people need to be innovative, have more innovative design, can get more consumer recognition, will make more progress. I believe we have heard of the concept of creating a passenger, they are a group of young people with innovative thinking.

hit off 2 Journey to the west "program, funded by the Shenzhen Industrial Design Association, open innovation laboratory and other institutions, to help China hit off with foreign guests to carry out the depth of interaction.

as one of the 2016 national double week start activity, the forum held in Shenzhen Bay Business Square, national China, United States, Britain, Italy, Nigeria, Peru, Spain and other guests leaders around the Chinese and The Belt and Road along the country to innovation in the "Internet plus" era of communication.

Dr. Lin Yunya

, assistant professor at the University of Michigan School of information, Shenzhen has distinctive features, let the world record – the envy of creating environment: "Shenzhen has different types of creating culture, small to small artisans, small and medium-sized enterprises, to large factories, the reason to hit off the Shenzhen Europe and the United States is love.

Shenzhen open innovation laboratory director Li Dawei believes that Shenzhen should make use of "creating a major historical opportunity The Belt and Road", with the world record passenger link, which itself is a cultural feature guest. He said, Shenzhen grassroots innovation is the world needs, but the whole world knows Shenzhen is not enough, this activity is the hope that through the "The Belt and Road" Shenzhen grassroots, open innovation and cooperative ecosystem extending out, with foreign guests docking.

Institute for the future in Africa and the United States Chinese expert Jeremy believes that creating different characteristics, each one has his good points, should join hands to each other: "The Belt and Road China" is put forward, this is a very good plan, Chinese over the past few decades of development, in terms of scale in terms of technology has been very great progress now is to help other countries develop together, and many U.S. hit off is in its own interests as the foundation, some ideas are not much practical, the United States should hit off to Chinese creating learning, to create something that should be more practical, more commercial purpose.

is now the world’s top customers gathered in Shenzhen, we hope to play a full imagination, together with the exchange, in exchange for more development, is conducive to the creation of their own customers and behind the progress of enterprises, extraordinary significance.