Hefei women’s street robbery possum escaped the suspect will stand trial

A woman in Hefei

last summer at noon in the street robbery, the criminals with a knife stabbed several knives, the dead to escape. The suspect has been arrested and will be tried in Hefei.

last July 17th at noon, Ping Ping alone drive through Hefei through the open area near Huancui road and the road junction, suddenly attacked by robbers nearly killed. Critical juncture, the Ping Ping dead, cheated the gangsters, it saved a life. Now, after six months of treatment, the Ping Ping has basically recovered, back to work. However, she admitted that the accident left to their own life to erase the hurt and shadow. Tomorrow morning, the suspect Men Bin will be tried in the Hefei intermediate people’s court.

[review]  gas possum deceive gangster

last July 17th at about 11, Ping Ping just start the car, a middle-aged man suddenly pulled open left rear door, got into the car. The man took out a spring knife, forcing her to go near the Emerald Lake, and stabbed his neck. The way that she had only a small amount of cash and bank card, the man and the stress of the Ping Ping say bank card password. Soon, the man let Pingping stop, then, on her neck, chest and abdomen were stabbed several knives.


suspects on trial in Hefei tomorrow

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