Wuhan nternet entrepreneurial talent development era

the Internet is known as one of the most amazing inventions in history. Since its birth, it has been destined to change the way people live and work in the future. The use of the Internet, many industries to solve the problem of efficiency and demand, and promote the birth of new industries, but also to achieve the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Internet entrepreneurship, become one of the current theme of entrepreneurship.

low cost of living a galaxy of talents in Wuhan

10 11, CEO flight steward Wang Jiang (known as the commander) accepted to Wuhan University, Huazhong University of Science and Technology for app developers said: in fact, the science and technology enterprises, Wuhan’s business environment is better than in Beijing.

only from nearly 20 days of data, in the future release of Internet / e-commerce / online functional category posts, Wuhan area has reached 19623, of which 30.4% of the office in Wuhan of Optics Valley, which is similar to Su ningyun such listed companies, there are local big companies such as Kyushu the.

from the number of the talent market, the network big coffee favor Wuhan already discerned, enterprise talent headhunting consultant Xu Shun introduced, the market began to receive a number of Internet companies commissioned positions, such as entrusted by the where network, customer service and marketing staff recruitment in Wuhan, a total of more than 2 thousand jobs.

"feedback from the current market situation, these Internet cafes in Wuhan put the position or to the customer service marketing and other basic positions, the core technology personnel positions haven’t no delivery, but with these Internet cafes began to enter the recommended