What are the principles of the new brand cattle rely on the start of the brand

why can not buy a large number of brands in a very short period of time will be able to establish their own brand of food and beverage, presumably the story behind this is worth learning. The business failed after Zhang Enyu in recent years through the national market learning strategy of brand positioning, with three operating principles, started their own brand of food in a short period of time.

brand new cattle rely less on what principles started the brand

now fierce competition in the market environment, how a new brand to break into people’s mind and a firm foothold in the market, the play is not suitable for Internet marketing and gameplay, branding, product and brand positioning is always the foundation of early. "Cattle" interview, the reporters found three house red net from the principle of establishing brand:

1. choose a high level of awareness in the minds of diners category

he found these years, the market is flooded with mutton, chicken products very much, the practice of different products, and the cattle still still had the development space, the business component of the product itself can be rich in 8 kinds of amino acids needed to meet the people’s body, is the future trend of the development of category.

spotted the category, he took two with partner Zhang Ran cattle regions of the country, Shandong, Hulun Buir, Inner Mongolia, northeast Shaanxi Qinchuan etc, and ultimately selected in the minds of people in higher awareness of Luxi cattle, from six to the oxtail R & D products as the flagship store.

brand new cattle less, by which the three principle was started the brand new brand cattle less, by which the three principle was started the brand

brand new cattle less, by which the three principle was started the brand

2. to build brand IP, there are also very comprehensive character

into the cattle less brand stores, the cattle on a variety of images in full. Cups, bowls, pillows, wooden tables and chairs, called plates, cattle large and small statues, even the napkin are printed on the brand logo.

Zhang Enyu accepted the interview in the house red net a large cattle with little chef service, as the founder of him to speak for himself, as a brand endorsement, so that not only the brand image to get a promotion, they bring the characteristics of people.


has a strong body, tough yet gentle and careful, this is my first impression on a little big." The cow looks rough, gentle heart, it shows the spirit of fortitude, diligent, honest, restaurant design image with these character of creativity, it’s healthy image and good personality traits all reflected in the store. >