Online business is favored to open the shop need to grasp what management skills

there are a lot of people are trying to shop online, and a lot of people did get quite good results. Shop needs not a lot of manpower, but the risk is relatively small. Open shop must identify market positioning, improve product competitiveness is very important.

in online sales, shop rent no pressure, no business tax troubles, no underworld harassment, so long as we can have a good source, then make a block is a very relaxed. So, the price must be cheaper than the net, do not mind too black, others can refer to the price cheaper as much cheaper, so there will be a lot of money to the guests to come in, then you better service, the number of guests and become your long-term customers.

: online business shop trick

this trick is that, I love to go to the other similar goods sellers shop, pay attention to the collection of the message of the buyer, and then back to the message in other products on the buyer send and want a message, ha ha, because those are have the intention to buy the commodity buyers and sellers, but may the price or otherwise not tanlong, so they didn’t have a deal, so the buyer is most likely to be your guest buyers, so we must seize the letter, so they will come to your shop to see, and my business is done up.

detailed product description

products selected, it must make a detailed product description. I have been to some sellers shop, the product description is quite simple, then a few words, a few words, let people see this, foggy image points can be discounted. Must be a good explanation, not just that. It embodies the respect for the sellers buyers of their products, respect, good products, not only to attract more knowledgeable buyers can come in, for those who don’t understand but to recommend