Liaoning 9 billion loans to help women start employment

once the women once married, many are kept at home, not only will be out of touch with society, and many personal ability can not play out. And now the social status of women is getting higher and higher, coupled with the help of the community, so there are more and more women embarked on the road to success. Liaoning province has invested 9 billion of the loans to help women smooth employment, thus promoting the local development of the cause of unemployment better development.

"my dream is to rush to the pig," Li Yujuan’s face was full of smiles. Entered Li Yujuan’s room, there is no trace of the dirty, smelly, but inside is clean and brighten the central air conditioning. She told reporters that this is her real birth in sows, piglets and nursery room next door. Like many pig raiser Li Yujuan met, the pork market downturn, is the financial discount women small secured loans let her take cooperative members survived.

from 2014 onwards, the Liaoning provincial government for two consecutive years will be the focus of women’s micro credit loans to promote practical livelihood. With the policy step by step implementation, a security measures, a little accumulation of women of integrity, and constantly improve the loan amount, payment continues to expand the scale of loans emerged from the supporting women’s individual entrepreneurial wealth, to help poor women out of poverty, stimulating the local leading industry development, promote the comprehensive effect of social harmony and stability is more and more. According to incomplete statistics, as of the end of November, the province’s new release of women small loans 2 billion 740 million yuan, accounting for nearly 1/3 years issued a total of 9 billion yuan.

help one, so that poor women out of poverty

financial discount women small secured loan policy, targeted for women. Since the implementation of the policy, 160 thousand women have benefited directly. Sparks of fire can start a prairie fire. 9 billion loans for women’s family life and spirit have been greatly improved, showing a good situation of the rich. Women’s small loan guarantees as an accurate financial support initiatives, the poor women want to get rich, difficult to get rich on the occasion of the entrepreneurial start-up funds to help them.

over the years, Liaoning Province issued nearly 9 billion yuan guarantee financial discount women small loans, the average household income of 30 thousand yuan for the project. The use of small loans, more and more women are not only the development of projects to increase revenue, but also to become rich leaders, with people around the common prosperity. Liaoning Heishan hens farmers Zhang Yue, the use of 80 thousand yuan of women’s small loans, to solve the problem of the initial development of cooperatives funds. Now, she did not forget the rich lead around the sisters of common prosperity, in recent years for the community organizing free 45 training courses, training more than 2 thousand and 800 people, as the chicken farmers to provide free technology consulting 90 thousand passengers, 259 villagers to drive around the development of laying hens breeding project, the annual sales volume of 10 million 300 thousand yuan.