Operating Summer Fragrance Tea Bath Museum prospects

now society, health and health has become one of the themes of the times, at the same time, many people have health and health idea, now runs a summer tea fragrance bath Museum, rich or very good prospects.

tea not only contains a variety of beneficial ingredients, but also anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, detoxification and enhance human physique, improve immunity. Tea bath sauna, bath and other than Turkey foreign projects, more strong, folk meet the aspirations of the people to return to nature, it can attract many consumers. Tea bath hall has the advantages of raw material resources and small investment, quick effect, the content of the project can change with the market and other advantages, is a relatively stable investment projects.   have a bath this way of bathing, is not a new thing, but the ancient tradition of China, Three Kingdoms period is very popular and was later accepted and then spread to high officials and noble lords, India, Japan and Southeast Asia, and gradually evolved into a tea bath, medicated bath and bath three natural plant health bath, has become popular Southeast Asian customs bath.

If adding herbs properly, can treat skin diseases, can also be used in summer heatstroke prevention, treatment of sunburn, skin whitening. The use of high aromatic content of tea as raw materials, there is the effect of Tongmai Huoxue, but also the body after the bath can emit natural fragrance.   bath with tea can be used rough old Green Tea. Coarse tea is a kind of appellation of relative to the new tea, especially tea picking time is late. This kind of tea contains more stems, tea taste is poor. People seldom on rough old Green Tea, many coarse tea are health care products manufacturers as the acquisition of production related health care products, raw materials for extracting effective components. But the composition of this kind of tea contains a new Green Tea than high, the bubble tea tea than to thick, and the price is much lower than the new Green Tea, therefore for the tea bath just to play its director.

economic benefits: 500 grams of crude tea price is generally recommended 10