Several management elements of foot shop success

in recent years, more attention is paid to health and foot store began to fire up, more investors began to focus their attention on this field a pedicure. For many foot shop entrepreneurs, several management elements of foot store success profit is very important.

1, employee management.

we all know that an enterprise can survive and develop the key lies in the people, the market competition is the talent competition". In the operating process of the health care industry, there are many companies do not know what kind of talent they need. Talent recruitment from where? What kind of people? How to train? How to appoint? How to retain talent to play their strengths and potential? Where is the basic thought, there is no specific selection and appointment standards, as well as talent promotion mechanism.

many times brought the loss of trained personnel, from the angle of boss, is not to create a harmonious and pleasant atmosphere; the salary system is not reasonable, can not arbitrarily change; let employees learn more things; there is no space for promotion and development of the platform.

health industry is currently the biggest headache is the lack of people, especially the lack of management talent. In addition to objective reasons: first, the country does not have a health care professional management personnel training system; two is high-quality personnel do not understand or do not want to enter. More important is the health care industry does not have the training of management personnel.

health industry should grasp how to recruit people, cultivate people, how to build a ladder shaped structure of the continuous replication of talent personnel, prevent the lack of personnel; clear responsibilities and work flow in different positions, and talents in different periods of training programs; setting a reasonable salary system, supervision and evaluation mechanism; how to form their own cultural atmosphere, unite like-minded talent development. This problem can almost be said industry 70% of the enterprises have never considered, of course I would suggest a single enterprise is not to consider.

but for brand enterprises or chain enterprises, "human cost is the biggest cost of the enterprise". Employee management is the most important: one is the ideological and moral education; one is the ability of technical training; three is the performance appraisal, timely detection of problems and solve problems, give full play to the role and value of each person. Enterprises in the initial stage, when made small by family management, like mother, like sisters; there is a certain foundation stability, gradually rely on the system and humanized management; really bigger and stronger on the enterprise culture and system.

2, customer management.

customer management must first distinguish between the enterprise customer groups have? In particular, it is necessary to clarify what is the core of their customers, important customers, because these customers are creating 80% of your wealth. Also clear each customer to the store >