Weihai to achieve first-class business platform construction

many Chinese entrepreneurs, most of them have a good level of technical business, but mention the level of entrepreneurial management there are many people short board. In order to train professional entrepreneurial talent, Weihai founded in last year, the entrepreneurial university, has provided more than 5000 entrepreneurs to provide relevant training to promote employment.

10 28, 2009, the province’s entrepreneurial university and entrepreneurial incubator base construction site will be held in Weihai to promote the construction site in the 29. From the province’s Department of human resources and social organizations visited the Weihai University of entrepreneurship and the campus, Weihai university business incubator base and other places, the exchange of entrepreneurial incubation experience. The meeting also deployed the next entrepreneurial university and entrepreneurship demonstration base (Park) construction work, and to the provincial incubation demonstration base (Park) has been awarding.

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