The shop catering industry as an example to explain the process

for many entrepreneurs, grasp the flow shop is the first step in the success of entrepreneurship. Below, small series will introduce the detailed shop process, you want to learn friends must not miss.

[open] one of the process of project selection

is always the most confused problem for novice. So, let the experts show you the way. Here, in order to express convenience, we summarize and refine the project. So, the last one is the model.

project, is a specific form of the model. I spent a lot of time to study the food and beverage industry model, after the analysis of the various modes of the food and beverage industry, found that the pattern of food and beverage industry profit model. In simple terms, only the big and small two. The so-called big, that is, sufficient funds to operate.

to commercial real estate perspective and has the potential to idle shops. One does not need high transfer fee, and Datong area is rental cost is very low, the rent is catering to the highest a fixed cost. If the rent is equal, the cost is reduced, and the profit comes from it. This is also so many large restaurants a major profit point. However, the total investment in terms of high risk, do not recommend the novice to take this approach.

1. Hot pot shop does not need to maximize the business area of the kitchen,

2. mode is simple, so that customers themselves.

1. small area.

2. mode is simple.

3. semi retail.

the above three points.

[two] flow shop shop costs

investment budget