Transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Jiangsu strive to build 1000 intelligent workshops an

with the development of science and technology, in the modern enterprise, or if such tradition is likely to catch up with the pace of the times. "13th Five-Year" period, Jiangsu will implement the intelligent transformation of 603, a total investment of 157 billion 200 million yuan to upgrade three year rolling plan. "13th Five-Year" at the end, Jiangsu will strive to build 1000 intelligent workshops and factories, to achieve the transformation and upgrading of enterprises, promote the further development of enterprises.

Intelligent manufacturing

World Conference held in Jiangsu Province on the eve, let us into several provincial demonstration intelligent workshop, the search is not the same with the traditional workshop secret, intelligent manufacturing brings revolutionary change perception.

textile industry: robot liberation frontline staff

intelligent manufacturing is bringing new vitality to the traditional labor intensive industry, the textile industry.

"10 years ago, every 10 thousand spindles and employment of 300 people, most of the enterprises now reduced to about 100 people, we are only around 20." Wuxi Cotton Textile Group Chairman Zhou Yejun said, "especially in the automatic packaging line link, through the transformation of intelligent equipment, packaging and production efficiency is improved, not only greatly reduce the quality problems of artificial factors in the product, the labor cost is reduced by 75%."

walked into the clean and tidy spinning workshop, disappeared into a row of textile workers, only 35 workers in the inspection and simple operation. Zhou Yejun said, "a new generation of intelligent workshop, the more than 90 thousand sensors to form a network of intelligent workshop production line, electric information with real-time monitoring of production status, product quality and enterprise units, employment spindles is the domestic cotton industry average of 1/5, reached the international advanced level, significantly enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, the price of similar products higher than the market price of more than 10%."

in Suzhou Sheng Hong group, a wholly owned subsidiary of the national hi tech spinning workshop, a spindle ingot neatly placed on the winding machine, the rapid winding. Intelligent transport car slowly along the track to open, stopped in front of the winding machine, connected to the winding of the cake, to the winding machine at the end of the rocker arm of the robot, its code into the cake rack, into the next process. According to reports, after the implementation of the robot cylinder automatic operation, workshop production line staff reduced from 10 to 4 people. The reduction of labor intensity has also brought about the improvement of personnel stability, and the turnover rate has dropped from 7.2% to 5%.

intelligent manufacturing has also contributed to the development of a new type of service-oriented manufacturing. Sea orchid house (600398, shares) characteristics of clothing Limited company according to the market demand of garment industry rapid change, small batch and multi variety, relying on a strong design team, to ensure the construction of Intelligent Stereo recommended logistics distribution timely and accurately.